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GeoEdge launches GPS BlackBox     Track 3000VS targeting Employee     Transport - 03 June 2010
ActiveTrack is now available on     your mobile - 03 June 2010
Industry first - GeoEdge offers     Vehicle Tracking with SLA
    - 10 June 2010
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 Logistics & SCM
GeoEdge® is a reliable provider of “smart” location technology enabled solutions and services that optimize productivity of your mobile assets
Real-time asset location, status and visibility information is critical for businesses to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. Despite the recent proliferation of tracking systems, the lack of robust integrated solutions that can meet your unique business needs is often the biggest challenge. GeoEdge leverages advanced location, wireless communication and mapping technologies to help transform the way you operate your business. Our integrated solutions provide reliable, “anytime, anywhere” information to help you synchronize your operations and achieve optimal resource utilization. This can translate into several business benefits including reduced costs, improved customer service, and enhanced operational efficiency.
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Introducing OptiRoute 2.0
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